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Brian Boylan

Brian Boylan was born in Skerries,Co.Dublin,growing up on the Harbor Road and spending his youth on the Irish sea as a fisherman on his father's trawler.
After college,Brian got his first job on land, in an animation studio,Sullivan/Bluth Studios.
After working there on a number of big screen productions,An American Tail, The Land Before Time,to name two he moved to London to work for Walt Disney on Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
When production ended he moved with Disney to Sydney, Australia for a number of T.V. cartoons.
Brian then moved to LA and has worked for all the major studios, Disney, Dreamworks, Warner well as smaller T.V. studios.
Deciding to be a stay at home Dad, Brian concentrated on his own art, having a number of shows and fairs throughout Southern California.
Brian is currently working full time within Manhattan Beach Middle School with special needs kids and is doing commission work also. on Facebook etc.

Check out some of Brian's art HERE

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